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Full Interior Cleaning - $225 (extra for dog hairs, mold, vomit or 3rd row seating)

*This service includes an exterior wash*

  • Full shampoo upholstery from top to bottom

  • Door panels

  • Q-tip vents

  • Condition leather and vinyl and plastics

  • Floor mats, carpets, headliner, seat belts,

  • Steering wheel, center console and more

1 Stage paint correction- $300 and up

(Bring natural luster back to original factory shine)

  • Hand wash exterior

  • Clay bar exterior

  • polish to renew paint along with a 1 coat wax

1 Stage paint correction w/ 1 Year Ceramic coating- $1150 and up

       (Remove light scratches, oxidation, imperfection and swirl marks)

  • Hand wash and clay bar exterior

  • Polish exterior 

  • 1 coat 9H Ceramic coating

2 Stage paint correction w/ 2 year Ceramic coating- $1750 and up

(Removes deep scratches, oxidation, imperfection, swirl marks, prep for ceramic coating)

  • Hand wash and clay bar exterior

  • Fall out (Crystal wash)

  • Buff and polish exterior using compound and polish

  • 2 coat 9H Ceramic coating.

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